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Nice reminder from Orbitz
September 15, 2009, 4:31 am
Filed under: confidence, visual design

I was shopping for plane tickets today and ran across a great feature from Orbitz.  They must know that people check lots of different websites for plane tickets (witness the rise of travel site super-aggregators who act as intermediaries to submit your travel dates to the next level of aggregators like Orbitz).  Anyway, I wasn’t ready to buy just yet and closed the Orbitz site.  This is what came up in its own window once I closed the Orbitz site:


We’ve all seen the last-minute marketing efforts upon exit of some site (rethink your order and save $10, today only, etc).  But what strikes me about this one is it isn’t trying to force a decision from me.  Instead, it’s simply trying to stay top-of-mind as I continue my shopping.  The wording is friendly and not pushy (“Still shopping?  Keep this window open to hold onto your trip info”).  As a customer, I actually appreciate this type of message — clearly enough to blog about it, and also enough to actually do what they wanted me to do (keep them in mind as I continue to search).  An additional unwritten implication is that they must stand behind their prices to do this, since they know I’m price-shopping and they still want to have their deal front-and-center for comparison purposes.  Nice.


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