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Great Product Pages
June 18, 2009, 4:19 am
Filed under: usability basics

I just attended a “webinette” hosted by Usability Sciences where they gave 8 characteristics of a good product page.  While just a start, following these 8 tips will help ensure that your product pages have at least a basic level of usability.

Here are the tips; for more details, see

  1. Let the user know where they are on your site  (clear breadcrumbs, navigation to similar items
  2. Show good product descriptions and details (details and specs in bulletted lists, selective use of fonts to draw attention to important info, tabs if too much info)
  3. Ensure product descriptions appear above the fold.
  4. Provide high-quality photo and additional views available (soles of shoes, backs of electronic equipment)
  5. Use color swatches to dynamically change the product image.
  6. Make product options immediately visible (dynamically filter and gray out those that are not available)
  7. Prominently display upsell options (but not obtrusively)
  8. Clearly mark call-to-action buttons and cluster them together

A good example of all these principles they shared is Nine West (I’d say this falls short on the breadcrumb and good description rules, but does well on the others):



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